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Retail Pro for Gift Stores

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Gifts and toys tend to be trend or season-dependent items - what's popular one season may be old news the next. As such, inventory management is paramount to gift store retailers and merchants, who need to be able to identify which products are selling well against those which are not. This enables them to make better buying decisions in the future and can help offload slow-moving goods while creating more profitable bundles with the big movers.

Retail Pro is the perfect solution to this paradigm, enabling gifts and toy stores of all sizes to improve disparate business processes and generally enhance profitability.

Tracking inventory

Retail Pro is the perfect solution for maintaining tight control over inventory merchandise and any expenditures associated with them.

Inventory management is important for the store operations of any retailer, but it is even more crucial for gift store owners. Our retailers use Retail Pro software to identify trends, keep track of product sales to identify fast-movers and stale inventory and to make smart, educated purchasing decisions. With Retail Pro to guide them, best-selling items are always in stock. Moreover, Retail Pro is an extremely flexible solution allowing the retailer to sort and organize inventory by department, category and style, create kits or to bundle items and services together. With those helpful features gift items can be sold with engraving and personalization services and the retailer is able to extend more value to customers while maximizing revenue.

Customer Satisfaction

With any retailer, customer satisfaction is paramount. Retail Pro revolves around maximizing customer loyalty and satisfaction because it is so important to a merchant's success.

Retail Pro can be leveraged for special customer engagements, such as gift registries. This makes it easier for shoppers to set up wish lists and special orders where their relatives and friends are able to make purchases as gift items. Of course, this also ensures that people shopping for these items will make purchases at a retailer's gift store, rather than a competitor's outlet.

Retail Pro is also compatible with loyalty and reward initiatives, enabling frequent shoppers to earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise or other discounts, regardless of whether a merchant owns only one store or a variety of them.

Features in Retail Pro® designed for Gift retailers
  • Create kits to bundle items together, such as business clocks and personalized engraving services

  • Track layaways, special orders and backorders and take an unlimited number of deposits especially good when ordering specialized gifts

  • Easily convert sales receipt to layaways or special orders and take deposits

  • Setup an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track miscellaneous attributes, such as Occasion, Recipient (Him/Her), Wedding, Business, etc.

  • Quick and flexible item entry at point of sale using barcodes, general descriptions, manual inventory lookup or optional touch screen item buttons

  • Issue and track fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across multiple store locations in real-time

  • Centralized processing of merchandise returns and exchanges with built-in verification help to reduce fraudulent returns

  • Fully integrated payment processing that is fast, safe, reliable and PCI compliant. Process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, check validation and more

  • Quickly view on-hand, sold, received, on-order and in-transit quantities for each item across all store locations

  • View items individually or as part of a style grid (of different sizes/colors)

  • Track merchandise movement between store locations and, optionally, between sublocations within the same store (ex: from stockroom to sales floor or sales floor to display area)

  • Setup an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track miscellaneous customer information and preferences, such as size, favorite color, favorite brand, birthday, etc.

  • Quick and easy access to customer purchasing history allows sales reps to provide personalized service and meaningful recommendations to customers

  • Integrated customer loyalty program allows for tier rewards system based on customer spending, visits, profitability and other metrics. Customers can be rewarded with free merchandise or with discounts on current/future purchases

  • Segment customers based on customer information (such as zipcode, # of visits or even birthday) or purchasing information (such as specific item purchases, total sales amount or average sale amount)

  • For a filtered list of customers (or a customer segment), easily print labels for targeted mailings, export to excel for further manipulation or send to email marketing programs

  • Automatically create purchase orders based on current on-hand levels, existing commitments on layaways and special orders, minimum quantity levels and desired stocking levels

  • Built-in graphical reports for monitoring sales activity by store, vendor, employee and even hour of day for key metrics such as total sales, average sales and margin

  • Built in statistics and KPIs available for inventory items and customers, which can be viewed directly from with Retail Pro or through reports

  • Item-level statistics including Sell Thru %, Stock to Sales Ratio, Turn, Days of Supply, Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) help you better understand what's happening in your business and can make more profitable decisions

  • Customer-level statistics including Total Visits, Average Sales Amount, Average Unit Items Sold, Average Margin $ help you better understand your customer's purchasing behavior and can be used to develop more targeted marketing campaigns and provide better customer service

  • Flexible commission tracking system that allows for differing levels of employee productivity to be rewarded appropriately, commissions on fast-moving items to be limited and sales of low-selling items to be improved

  • Easily split a single commission between different employees involved in the same sale

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