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Fashion Retailer Expands Into US Market With Style

"We can create a very individual system, customizable to our own needs"

- Tunc Hepguler, Executive VP, Sarar USA

Sarar is a global fashion retail leader with locations spanning 49 countries on 5 continents. The elegance and unique craftmanship of their apparel has captivated fashion lovers worldwide and made them highly influential in steering the direction of trends throughout the fashion world.
Eskisehir, Turkey
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The Need For A Perfect Fit
On nearly the eve of their 70th anniversary, Sarar continues to inject new meaning into the phrase “rags to riches.” Beginning from a small tailor’s workshop in Eskisehir, Turkey, Sarar has evolved into one of the world’s premier designer fashion labels for men, women and travel accessories. While Sarar’s unique cut suits and dresses have fit famously on even the most discriminating of body types, Sarar itself, and its 12 US stores, also require retail management software capable of providing that unique, one-of-a-kind fit. Sarar found that fit with Retail Pro® in 2006.
Customization And Reporting
Woman in a fashionable headscarf and pink cloth top Being an international retailer creates unique challenges, especially when it comes to balancing inventory across the company, and maintaining standards that may differ across a variety of borders. Paramount in Sarar’s search for retail management software, beyond just POS functionality, was a highly adaptable, customizable solution with powerful reporting capabilities. These accurate reporting and versatile inventory management are key factors in Sarar’s ability to grow and scale, and Retail Pro’s diverse toolkit empowers that. "Retail Pro is very user friendly, built logically and the reporting has been very advantageous", explains Tunc Hepguler, Executive VP, Sarar USA. "With Retail Pro, we can create our own reporting, individual to our company’s standards."
High Standard Of Excellence
Entrace to a Sarar shop along Madison Avenue. Suits on display in window As a major player in the fashion world, particularly high-end menswear, Sarar is held to a high standard of excellence. To maintain that standard, Sarar decided to choose a partner held to a comparable standard of global excellence within their field. That partner is Retail Pro.


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