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Collezione C2 Utilizes Retail Pro To Promote Passion

"Before, we would have to render overtime just to finish polling raw data straight from the POS, then prepare the report after that which took a lot of time. Now, we can generate a report on our sales within the day."

- Erric Laya III, IT Manager of Collezione C2

Established in 1972 and one of the pioneers of the local branded Filipino garment industry, Collezione C2 produces high-end garments and is home to the work of renowned fashion designer, Noel Crisostomo. The company was founded with the purpose of celebrating Filipino culture and pride through quality branded clothing. Now Collezione C2 is bringing their brand to consumers across the globe and continues to represent world class artistry and style.
Pasig City, Philippines
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The Right Software for the Brand
Clean urban clothing store situated in a mall Collezione C2’s roots are in cultural pride and high-end branding. Now with 28 branches, the company plans to continuously expand with more locations. The company advocates Filipino pride through the mix of fashion and art. Collezione C2 was founded on the vision of embodying all that is pro-Filipino while providing the best customer service in the industry and the idea that “passion breeds excellence.” Collezione C2 has seen Retail Pro® contribute to their success through increased sales performance, reliable and secure front-end system, streamlining business processes, timely and accurate report generation, and comprehensive business insights.
What a Difference!
Retail storefront with glass doors and walls with mannequins on display behind them Erric Laya III, IT Manager of Collezione C2, described a time before Retail Pro, when pulling reports would take days and there was always a pile-up of data. Fortunately those dark days are gone, Retail Pro® eliminated manual updating, and employed a program to let them dial into the store to install updates. Retail Pro’s comprehensive report and analysis capabilities provide insight into all aspects of the business, allowing users to filter and summarize key information from point of sale.
“Speed was an issue. At that time, we had around 17 stores,” Laya said, It was taking two to three days just to pull one report. Laya was also concerned about data security and controlling user access in the stores with the old system, which constantly had be to de-bugged then re-installed. With Retail Pro® all these troubles are a distant memory; the user access is controlled and the settings are easily configurable. Increased efficiencies in reporting and security weren’t the only benefit of Retail Pro. The business process review prior to implementation helped streamline their processes, paving the way for all their stores to go live with Retail Pro by the following year.
Going Global
Colorful clothing assorted on well-lit racks and hangars Retail Pro® also empowered Collezione C2 to expand their services to the web, opening the brand up to markets around the world. Through the robust, secure and stable Retail Pro® software, Collezione C2 is able to share their Filipino pride and expand their vision of providing the best customer service and embodying all things true to their culture.


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