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Another V9 Success

"I can vouch for their good expertise and knowledge with Retail-Pro and also good services and complying with their commitments, In addition to that they provided to us full assistance and still do that when asked"

- Ehab Helmy Abo-Zeid, IT Manager at Concrete

In 1989 Amer El Hakim, Concrete’s founder pursued his passion for fashion and gave free reign to his designs by establishing the fashion retail company. Catering for the child, teenager and man, the Concrete brand is a combination of timeless elegance and impeccable tailoring. Now a leading Egyptian fashion retailer, in the last 20 years it has grown from a family business to a shareholding company. Concrete is now part of one of the most prominent textile and clothing groups in the Middle East, ARAFA HOLDING

Retail Pro is pleased to announce another monumental upgrade to version 9. Concrete, the leading Egyptian fashion retailer has successfully upgraded 71 stores to the Retail Pro 9 hybrid system. They join a long list of satisfied Retail Pro customers who are enjoying the enormous benefits that an upgrade to Retail Pro 9 can offer. Concrete have been a Retail Pro customer since 2001 and their decision to stay with the Retail Pro system and upgrade is, without doubt, testament to their conviction in both Retail Pro and the unfaltering service provided by the Retail Pro Business Partner in Dubai business partner, Philip Toledo ltd.
Retail Pro 9
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An Upgrade with Zero Downtime
Well-lit storefront with glass doors and good lighting Retail Pro prides itself on ensuring that customers across the globe will receive the highest level of support from our impressive worldwide Business Partner network. Philip Toledo Ltd ensured the upgrade ran smoothly from start to finish and happily reported that all 71 stores were successfully upgraded with no disruption. Concrete’s employees could immediately see the new and improved features of the upgraded system with zero downtime. Concrete’s IT manager, Ehab Helmy Abo-Zeid commented on the service provided by Retail Pros Business Partner, Philip Toledo Ltd.

“I can vouch for their good expertise and knowledge with Retail Pro and also good services and complying with their commitments. In addition to that they provided to us full assistance and still do that when asked.”
A Concrete Solution
Entrance to a Concrete Brand clothing and apparel store as viewed from an angle The Concrete brand is a solid name, with solid roots that can be trusted and relied on. Concrete have found in Retail Pro a system that has helped reinforce this reputation. Since 2001, Concrete has rapidly expanded from a small family company to a flourishing retail empire and Retail Pro has been the solution that has helped to successfully manage this growth. Ehab Helmy Abo-Zeid, Concrete’s IT manager, highlighted the fundamental role Retail Pro has played in Concrete’s success. With a large and increasing number of retail chain and franchise stores, the POS system has centralised operations helping to streamline inventory management, the merchandising process and production forecasting.
Global Expansion with Retail Pro
With the successful upgrade now complete, Concrete are now looking forward to the next project which is to integrate with Retail Pro’s third party business intelligence tool, Retail Intelligence. An increasing number of companies recognise that a good business intelligence tool is integral to making any informed business decisions. Decisions that affect not only the daily operations but also its future direction and like so many of Retail Pro’s customers, Concrete’s future direction is global. Having firmly established itself in the Egyptian market, there are now aspirations to raise Concrete’s profile in the global arena and Retail Pro has been selected as the solution to help realise this aim. With the latest cutting edge software in place, Retail Pro with its worldwide availability, 54.000 retail stores across 99 countries in over 18 languages is the perfect system to help Concrete cement its global expansion. Retail Pro are proud to have retained the loyalty of this highly accomplished retailer and look forward to sharing many more years of success.


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