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Junk Gypsy

Reality TV Stars Continue to Make 'Junk' The New Chic with Retail Pro

"The tech support has been outstanding . . . in addition to the product's ease of use."

- Amy "Archie" Allen

Sisters Amie & Jolie Sikes, along with their mother Janie, have been termed the "Thelma & Louise" of home decor, and for 15 years, Junk Gypsy Co.® has captivated the public with their their trademark "chippy-peely" style.
Round Top, Texas
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A Retail Emergency
Lady in jeans and a blue graphic baseball shirt sitting on the arm of a leather chair near tables with lamps Junk Gypsy Co.® been carving out a very unique niche in fashion design and home decor. Their unique, eccentric design, genuine personalities and free-roaming lifestyles, have captivated American audiences following the success of their hit reality show, "Junk Gypsies" on HGTV. A second show, "Garage Sale Wars" began airing in May 2013, and as expected, web store sales have exploded.
In spite of all of this recent momentum and success, Junk Gypsy recently came face to face with a true retail emergency earlier this year. Junk Gypsy’s former retail software solution abruptly went out of business and shut down all servers without warning, wiping out all of Junk Gypsy's inventory and sales data in one day.
More Data, More Orders, In Less Time
Cowgirl sitting in a truck smiling and tipping her hat while wearing chic-dirty gloves After implementing a temporary solution in the interim, Junk Gypsy chose to deploy Retail Pro E-Commerce® in spring 2013. Its impact was immediate. Managers reclaimed large chunks of time processing multiple purchase orders within minutes that previously needed to manually created and received via email.
Beyond streamlining vendor tracking and inventory management, Retail Pro E-Commerce's reporting have added clarity and speed to Junk Gypsy’s decision-making process. "The tech support has been outstanding," stated Amy "Archie" Allen, "in addition to the product's ease of use." Even the owners, with their extremely busy schedules, are able use it when necessary.
Junk Without All The Mess
Blonde woman with short curly hair and warms extended wearing a colorful shawl, white tanktop, jeans and rustic leather boots Ultimately, the big difference that Junk Gypsy experienced after installing Retail Pro E-Commerce was the ability to employ a wider set of tools that enabled them better understand what customers see, and ultimately use that information to improve customer experience. From cross-selling, upselling, adding wishlists and more, Retail Pro E-Commerce has enabled Junk Gypsy to do just that. Junk Gypsy is excited about the launch of their new brick-and-mortar store later in this year, and with Retail Pro’s ability to seamlessly integrate physical and online stores, Junk Gypsy looks to continue bringing a whole new meaning the term “junk.”


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