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Luigi Borrelli Boutiques

Effective Growth is a Reality with Retail Pro

Luigi Borrelli is a high-end, luxury clothing line of menswear that began in Italy. This premium clothing line was initiated over a century ago when Anna Borrelli was hired to make custom suits for Italy's royal family.
Business Needs
William Penn store viewed from outside at an angle In July of 2002 Luigi Borrelli opened its first luxury menswear store in the United States. Randolph Udal, Retail System Administrator, knew what would be necessary in order to make the boutique run efficiently: Retail Pro. Mr. Udal had been using Retail Pro in his previous job, and was absolutely sure that this was the solution for Borrelli Boutiques. Borrelli contacted MX Data and since their installation of v8.5 they have not looked back on their decision. In fact Mr. Udal recently completed his v9 certification, and is very certain that an upgrade will be in the near future for their 4 locations as well as in their corporate headquarters, where they also run v8.5 for day to day reporting.
Very well-lit glass cabinet display of high-end pens Since Mr. Udal was already familiar with Retail Pro, installation took no longer than 3 hours and his training on the system lasted 2 days. He also helped train the other 15 employees, and says Retail Pro has been practical and especially helpful when looking for customer information, Borrelli Bountiques has been thoroughly happy with their investment in Retail Pro, and reports that using Retail Pro has been very successful in many respects!
Cleanshaven Indian man in business suit standing inside store Customer Management Borrelli Boutiques maintains a large and growing customer base. Customer loyalty is a huge factor in driving up sales, and with Retail Pro's impressive customer tracking capabilities, Borrelli is able to measure which customers are interested in specific items, materials, colors etc.
Inventory Management Retail Pro enables each store to keep track of their goods sold, goods on hand, and their goods that are in excess, allowing their end of year annual sale to be planned with ease.
Excellent Reporting Retail Pro helps management assess commissions due, sales associate performance charts and sales by department reports making employee reviews quick and easy.


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