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People Play's Gets Control Over Reporting and Inventory With Retail Pro®

“Before Retail Pro People Play’s used to have many manual and administrative processes that did not help to add value to the business. Now we plan to grow using the system.”

- Paula Beltran, Executive & Product Manager, People Play's

Bogotá, Colombia
Retail Pro 9
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The Challenge
PEOPLE PLAY'S logotype in wavy bold sports font, with Spanish subtext For many years People Play’s has been providing the Colombian sporting goods and athletic wear enthusiasts with great products through many of their stores across the country. The retailer grew but not without challenges. The existing retail software did not offer a secure database, and loosely controlled access to the system resulted in untracked changes to inventory and transactions. Poor reporting capability of the old system was another pain point that has made it very difficult to operate the business effectively. The new system needed to be secure and reliable while providing an easy way to consolidate the retail information. Retail Pro exceeded all the expectations for reporting and inventory control.
The Insightful Solution
Exterior view of a large People Play's store with logo hanging from the cieling With Retail Pro’s integrated reporting solution preloaded with over 150 standard reports and the flexibility to custom design many more, People Play’s were able to see immediate and tangible impact of the new system. SOFTTEAM, the servicing Retail Pro business partner for People Play’s, was able to extend their Retail Pro product knowledge, and expertise in retailing to pin point the best applications for the software capability and key retail performance metrics to track. Retail Pro reports allowed to not only better gauge sales numbers, but also locate extremely slow moving inventory, make better purchasing decisions, track inventory stock levels, manage employee commissions, determine top customers and much, much more. On a daily basis Retail Pro 9 gives People Play’s a centralized and intuitive way to deal with an overwhelming amount of transactional data originating from many different areas of their retail business. Having a robust and flexible reporting solution that can consolidate all this information and present it in an easy-to-use, accurate and consistent manner is critical for success.
Looking Ahead
Exterior of a retail store with -20% and -50% 'SALE' signs placed on hearts in the window With better administrative processes and ability to automate many of the store operations already in place, People Play’s are looking to utilize even more of the rich Retail Pro functionality in the near future. The next project will allow the retailer to capture and manage the detailed information about their customers, capturing their shopping preferences, purchase history and their value to the business. With customer experience topping the trend list for 2012 employing the customer management tools in Retail Pro People Play’s will be able to leverage their new retail technology investment to advance their business forward.


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