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Val Surf

Iconic Board Shop Making Waves With Retail Pro

“Retail Pro is really easy to use at point-of-purchase. The way it scans items in, the user layout, the receipts...it’s a slam dunk deal for us”

- Blake Richards, Store Manager, Val Surf

Val Surf is the world’s oldest family owned surf/snow/skateboard shop still in operation. A household name in the their industry, Val Surf has been vital in establishing commercial viability and the current mainstream status of the surf/snow/skate culture since 1962. Co-owner Mark Richards was elected to the Skateboard Hall of Fame in 1998.
Valley Village, CA
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Advancing Through New Terrain
Southern-California style storefront seen outside from an angle with palm trees littered around Many have watched the surf/snow/skateboard culture has transitioned from counterculture to mainstream culture. Val Surf has been an intimate part of it. From creating the industry’s first mail order system to sponsoring some of the area’s first professional boarders, Val Surf has developed a business model and sphere of influence that have impacted millions. Yet it wasn’t until 2004 that Val Surf seriously invested in retail software that could match the growth rate and trajectory of their business.
Inventory Control, Integration & Preparing For Mobile
Two California surfer-dude Val Surf employees each holding up an award Accuracy in inventory control is the first thing that caught Val Surf’s eye from Retail Pro. “The most useful features I have seen, in comparison to before we used Retail Pro, are in inventory control. Looking up merchandise and sub-title inventory to see which stores have a product are key. When we used to do shirt-checks, it was a shot in the dark. Not anymore,” notes Blake Richards, store manager at Val Surf.

Val Surf is keenly aware of emergent of mobile trends, especially important when considering the age of their target audience is about 15-35 years old. Establishing themselves in the space has been a primary objective, and the Val Surf’s online Cloud Shop currently stocks over 300 different items offering apparel, footwear, hats and skateboard equipment. Tools like Retail Pro’s E-commerce Integration, for managing and maintaining accurate inventory amongst Val Surf’s five stores.
Still Setting The Pace
Val Surf customers and employees inside the shop, surrounded by flip-flops and other surf apparel In addition to the benefits of accurate inventory and reporting, creating a seamless process where customers can return or exchange online purchases creates a richer customer experience, minus the accounting headaches that occur in unintegrated systems. Fifty years after making their first splash in the industry, Val Surf is ready to take on the next big wave with Retail Pro.


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