New year, new retail! 5 ways to use mobile in your stores



Each new year comes with new excitement, new potential, new initiatives – like mobile in your stores!

Start 2017 off right – see how one fashion retailer uses mobile in their stores. Then, book your NRF meeting to talk with us in person about how Retail Pro can help you go mobile!

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How to Build Your Tech Strategy

Tech Strategy_2


Technology empowers efficiency in your retail operations, so building a solid tech strategy is critical to effective execution.

See how Earthbound Trading Co is increasing operational efficiency by building their tech strategy with Retail Pro.

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How to Unify Commerce

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Last week we invited you to meet with us at NRF to discover optimized retail with Retail Pro.

Let’s count down the final weeks before NRF with tips on HOW to optimize your retail operations, in step with market trends and proven strategies of retailers using Retail Pro.

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7 Retail Resolutions for 2017



As 2017 quickly approaches, here are 7 New Year’s resolutions for retailers to consider.



I will think of and connect all our digital and physical channels as one whole so we can unify commerce.


I will use our retail data to plan inventory better so customers always get what they want and I always sell down to zero.


I will reach higher to grow my business, whether that’s expanding my merchandise, my team, my tech, or my operations – globally.


I will use my retail management tech to its full capacity to automate more and operate more efficiently.


I will leverage mobile POS to liberate my sales staff from bondage to the cash register, and empower them to better engage our customers and sell more with hyper-relevant data insights.


I will attend to my most important customers better and create a smooth and consistent experience however they choose to shop with our brand.


I will optimize retail.



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POS App Gets It Right


Customers want easy ways to shop for routine items – those products they use daily, that are staples of their homes or workplaces.

For these types of purchases, ease of doing business is extremely important. No one wants to stand in line for a bottle of shampoo after a long day of work and an evening of household chores ahead.

Being respectful of customers’ time is a big part of creating great shopping experiences for customers.

While an exciting store design and atmosphere can lure customers, execution excellence – clerks who are quick to respond, cashiers who are fast and accurate, associates who will efficiently check stock —  provides the foundation for any responsive business.

A familiar neighborhood  retail recently launched a point-of-sale mobile solution aimed at creating a more convenient customer experience.

CVS Health’s core competency is in personal staples: everything from toothpaste to stationary to prescription meds. But its new app illustrates how selling any product, whether it’s luxury or commodity, can put customer needs front and center.

CVS Health

CVS Pay is a new, end-to-end mobile payment solution that integrates payment, prescription pickup, and its ExtraCare loyalty program, and is part of the CVS Pharmacy mobile app.

Here’s how it works:

  • CVS customers can combine multiple steps into one scan.
  • Customers can refill, manage multiple prescriptions and get alerts when prescriptions are ready, all within the app.
  • They then pick up and pay using a single barcode.
  • Their ExtraCare card can be linked as well, so at checkout all ExtraCare deals will be processed.

“We’ve been excited by the level of customer adoption of these digital solutions, and we will continue our quick pace of innovation and deployment to make our customers’ health care experience even easier,” said Brian Tilzer, SVP and chief digital officer, CVS Health in a press release.

When an app eases a shopping pain point, it will be a success.

Too often, retail apps feel like an “add on” — something more for the consumer to do, without an evident value proposition for the consumer. CVS Pay is integrated into the customers’ shopping experience, which makes it a natural fit rather than an appendage.




Retail Pro Prism Applications Expert (RPPAE) Course Now Available


RPU header


RPPAE Retail Pro International is pleased the announce the availability of the new Retail Pro Prism® Applications Expert core product knowledge course!

Learn everything you need to know about Retail Pro Prism (v1.4.0.172) features and functionality – from handling sales transactions and returns to setting up promotions and touch menus!


What You’ll Learn


System Overview




How to access Retail Pro Prism and get it ready for use. You will learn how to:

  • Access Retail Pro Prism
  • Setup default store, price and tax
  • Switch between different Retail Pro Prism Themes, Layouts and Views
  • Customize the various data grids and search screens found throughout Retail Pro Prism


Employee Management




How to use employee and security-related features in Retail Pro Prism to:

  • Establish Retail Pro Prism-specific security permissions
  • Override another user’s security restriction
  • Automatically logout a user completing a transaction
  • Force users to select associates involved in a sales transaction
  • Check-in/Check-out






Point of Sale Basics

How to use basic features and functions of the Retail Pro Prism Point-of-Sale module to:

  • Lookup/list items on a transaction
  • Handle a sales transaction
  • Check stock levels
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Give discounts at Point-of-Sale
  • Determine what tender types are available for use at Point-of-Sale
  • Hold a transaction
  • Handle pending transactions due to an unexpected disruption
  • Discreetly capture information at Point-of-Sale using POS Flags
  • Charge a fee for the sale of services
  • Track shipping and handling charges
  • Capture miscellaneous information that cannot be overwritten by future inventory changes
  • Track employee commissions
  • Track Salesperson Incentive Fees (SPIFs)
  • Capture Serial Numbers
  • Capture Lot Numbers
  • Sell and Break Kit items
  • Sell Package items
  • Sell Non-Inventory items
  • Plan the future sale of merchandise
  • Process the sale of an item at one store and fulfill the transaction at another store
  • Handle merchandise returns and exchanges
  • Track certain non-sales-related activities that impact funds in the register


Advanced Point of Sale Features

How to use more advanced features and functions of the Prism Point-of-Sale module to:

  • Establish different sets of prices for different stores and customers
  • Track taxes using the different tax methods (plus Detax and Tax Rebates)
  • Use a Centrals Server to centrally lookup customers, handle merchandise returns and manage gift card/store credit payments
  • Browse inventory to check stock levels, prices and price tags
  • List items on a transaction by selecting or “touching” a button
  • Setup promotions
  • Email a receipt to the customer


X/Z-Out Reports




How to use X-Out and Z-Out reports to:

  • Check on sales activity throughout the day
  • Reconcile the register


Purchasing & Receiving




How to use Purchasing- and Receiving-related features in Retail Pro Prism to:

  • Order merchandise for the store
  • Handle the ordering of cases (case-packs)
  • Handle trade discounts when ordering merchandise
  • Receive merchandise into the store
  • Determine how cost is assigned to inventory
  • Incorporate additional costs and discounts into the costs of goods received (and sold)


Physical Inventory & Transfers




How to go through the Physical Inventory process and use transfer-related features in Retail Pro Prism. You will learn how to:

  • Conduct with a physical inventory or cycle count
  • Transfer merchandise out of the store



Considering Retail Pro Prism or using it now?

Find out how you can leverage the features and functions in your Retail Pro Prism that are critical for modern retail – with training from Retail Pro University!


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How To Simplify Omnichannel with Inventory Management in Retail Pro®



The omnichannel expectation set by Tier 1 retailers has quickly trickled down to specialty retail and retailers everywhere are feeling the pressure to deliver. Retail Pro helps retailers simplify the inventory management across channels for omnichannel retail.


What’s wrong with omnichannel inventory management


The modern retail experience is composed (often) of several entirely different, disconnected software, so you are forced to keep disparate inventories for your e-commerce orders and your in-store sales – with all the duplication that entails.

In the very big picture, it doesn’t matter all that much if your systems are disconnected and duplicated. They still get the job done.

But if you examine the process more closely, you’ll see the pockets of chaos you keep tolerating when you segregate your channels, the collective negative impact of which compounds when extended year over year.

Inefficiencies in replenishment

Extraneous steps in the workflow

Underutilized resources

Gross inventory and labor duplication


And it hinders you from making more intelligent use of your inventory across the enterprise – especially later in the season, when you might be faced with stock outs (lost sales) and overstocks (unprofitable markdowns).


Stop retail chaos


Omnichannel in its most practical sense is intended to stop retail chaos like this through the simplification and streamlining of retail processes and technologies.



Connecting your back office inventory, e-commerce, POS (and etc.!) systems in the Retail Pro Prism platform gives you unified visibility into your operations and performance, and simplifies data sharing – so you can make data-driven optimizations and achieve benefits like these:

  • Shopper autonomy Empower shoppers to look up, order, or purchase available store inventory online or at another location
  • Reduced shipping costs Allow customers to pick up or return online purchases in-store or at satellite locations
  • Increased inventory turn Rebalance inventory across the enterprise and fulfill online orders from the nearest store instead of from the warehouse

With all your technologies connected in Retail Pro Prism, you can then deliver the inventory visibility your customers expect from omnichannel.


Deliver on the omnichannel expectation


Your customers have learned to expect little conveniences like being able to go on your website to look up whether a particular item is in stock at the store nearby and reserve or purchase it.

Little customer-facing conveniences like that can actually require a major operational upheaval, depending on the state of your inventory and whether you can tie your e-commerce to your inventory management software.

With Retail Pro Prism, you can do that. e-Commerce and POS at every location can be seamlessly integrated to the Retail Pro platform (whether you use the native applications or opt for other software of your choice), so they can share transactional data in real time (or whatever interval is optimal for your operations) with the inventory management tools in Retail Pro.

This ensures that your inventory data is up to date when a shopper is looking for a particular product at your store. You won’t have to ask your customers to wait while you go get a different device to look up the inventory information. You can easily look up whether you have that item in stock from any device you use for your everyday operations, including iPod, iPad, Windows, Android, laptop, and desktop – because all of the same features are accessible on every device, even from the POS.

You can also see whether your other store locations have the particular item your shopper is searching for. With Send Sale transaction is Retail Pro Prism, you can record a sale at one store and fulfill the transaction at a different store that has available inventory, so you save every sale and your customer leaves satisfied.


Send Sale

With Send Sale transaction is Retail Pro Prism, you can record a sale at one store and fulfill the transaction at a different store that has available inventory, so you save every sale and your customer leaves satisfied.


Reconcile digital and physical inventory counts


To offer customers this kind of visibility into what you have in stock, it’s critical for you to be on top of your physical inventory. Retail Pro Prism helps you keep accurate counts of your physical inventory and determine whether any loss has occurred.

  • Confirm your inventory on a store-wide or warehouse-wide scale, or on a bin or shelf
  • Record physical counts data by scanning barcodes, RFID tags, or manually typing item identifiers
  • Use current On Hand inventory values as start quantities in your physical inventory file
  • Identify and review discrepancies easily with a separate Discrepancies list


Physical Inventory in Retail Pro Prism®

Retail Pro Prism helps you keep accurate counts of your physical inventory and determine whether any loss has occurred.


With your inventory levels confirmed in Retail Pro Prism, you can increase in-store fulfillment accuracy for online orders being picked from your store shelves, and improve replenishment rates.

Sporting goods and apparel retailer Massey’s Outfitters uses Retail Pro to keep lower inventory. They rebalance their goods between stores and send directly from the vendor via integrated dropship rather than pulling from the warehouse. Warehouse-based replenishment for web sales accounts for only 25 – 50%, resulting in significant efficiency gains.

Inventory accuracy is foundational to every omnichannel strategy. Take control of your inventory today with complete visibility in Retail Pro Prism.



Discover omnichannel simplicity

Want to see how you can simplify omnichannel inventory management with Retail Pro Prism? Learn more in this brochure or request your free consultation today!


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Welcome to modern retail: Retail Pro Prism 1.4 is here!

Retail Pro International is pleased to announce the availability of Retail Pro Prism 1.4!

Retail Pro Prism’s unmatched flexibility gives you complete control over how you build the omnichannel retail experience for your brand.

  • Retail with any business model – corporate chains, franchise, shop-in-shop, kiosks, etc.
  • Choose the hardware and database that best fits your environment and budget
  • Deploy your choice of iOS, Windows, Android, and even mini devices
  • Integrate every retail tool you use to create your distinct brand experience

Through no small amount of blood, sweat and tears, we have put together a big release for Retail Pro Prism. Okay maybe no blood, but there had to be a hangnail here or there and certainly a few finger cramps. Suffice to say, the team has put a lot of effort into bringing some exciting new features and functionality and maybe stepped on a few bugs here and there as well.


Highlights in this release include…


New Promotions Module


Retail Pro Prism gives you incredible flexibility and creativity in the application of promotions at POS – even more so than Retail Pro 9!

It includes several easy templates based on popular promotion types. When creating a promotion, you just select the template that most closely matches the type of promotion you want to create. The template determines which fields will be available in the UI. Using the provided templates, you can create an almost unlimited variety of promotions.


Template Type Description
Item Applies a discount amount, percentage, or a specific price to one or more items that meet the promo’s validation rules.
Quantity Applies a discount amount, percentage, or a specific price to the items that meet the filter criteria are listed at the specified quantity.
Tiered Applies a different discount depending on the subtotal. Typically, the greater the subtotal, the greater the discount applied. For example, spending $50 earns a 10% discount; spending $100 earns a 15% discount; spending $150 earns a 20% discount.
Rolling Similar to tiered promotion, except the discounts are based on the quantity purchased. For example, buying 3 units earns a 10% discount; buying 5 earns a 15% discount; buying 15 earns a 20% discount.
Pack Assigns a specific price to a group of items.
BOGO Applies a discount to one or more units of the items specified in the Reward Rules.
Transaction Applies a discount amount or percentage to the transaction subtotal.
Coupon Create a promotion that award customers with one or more coupon codes when the validation rules are met. The coupon codes can then be used to validate other. (e.g. Item or Quantity) promotions.
Custom All options are available. Note: This promotion type should only be used after you have become comfortable working with the other types.



transfer slip

Retail Pro Prism now has a new Transfers module that enables you to create transfer slips to move merchandise from one store to another. Transfers are especially useful when one store has an abundance of inventory and another store has a shortage. By transferring the merchandise, retailers can avoid having to place a new order for more merchandise and manage their inventory smarter.


We’ve also made many other exciting improvements, including:

  • Initialization and Communication Improvements
  • COD/Charge
  • Enhanced Accumulated Discounting

…and much more!


Ready for modern retail?

For a free needs assessment to see how you can accomplish your retail strategy better with Retail Pro Prism, talk to your Retail Pro Business Partner or request a consultation today!


How platform tech helps you see retail customer needs


Your retail software runs through oceans of discrete and inferred data at every moment.

  • Point of sale transactional data
  • E-commerce sales data
  • Browsing behavior data

In its disconnected state, the data is useless – just a torrent of numbers, sales figures, totals, and percentages. It tells you very little about the people who shop with you.

Many retailers today are still using software that keeps their data segregated by channel, which means they can’t see how the same customer is interacting with your online store versus your physical store. It means they can’t see whether their promotions are reaching their targeted customer to increase their shopping frequency.

That is what we at Retail Pro International call retail chaos.

data torrent-02

But when those various data points are unified, they create a single, 360° view of your customer – the numbers become an individual with actual likes, loves, and needs.

It also gives you a total, 360° view of your target customer base as a whole – which gives you a more complete understanding of how you can better meet and anticipate their needs with the products you sell.


Platform software like Retail Pro is different from your average retail tech.

A platform is a digital foundation that connects data from every point at which it’s generated, including:

Prezi images-11

  • Your mobile and stationary POS software
  • Your product planning, assortment, and merchandising software
  • Your business intelligence, loyalty, marketing, digital receipts applications
  • Your payments processor
  • Emerging tech like beacons, RFID, and footfall
  • Your e-commerce data
  • Your in-store endless aisle kiosk
  • And any other tools or applications you use

This means that:

  • You can see where all of your inventory is (at the warehouse, in transit, across the globe, on the shelf, in the bin, out of stock)
  • Your brick-and-mortar stores can see inventory availability at different locations
  • Your e-commerce store can see and use inventory from your physical stores
  • Your loyalty applications can tap into transactional data for initiatives targeted to a particular customer’s buying habits
  • Your marketing team can send emails personalized with a customer’s likes and dislikes
  • You can package slow and fast moving items for promotions across channels

…which means you get a complete picture of your customer’s interaction with you – and you retail smarter.